All over New Zealand we need volunteers who are willing to distribute information and collect funds during our major fundraising drives.

We also need: 

  • A survivor in each region that is willing to organize the regional get together once a month (full support provided by WLL).
  • Design, Advertising and Content services.   There is a long way to go to build the incredible web resource that we have in the WLL vision.  If you can help, let us know!
  • Major Sponsorship.  Are you a company looking for a good cause to get behind?  We are currently accepting applications for a company to take on the role of Major Sponsor.  If WLL is the kind of organization you could see yourself getting behind, give us a call and let's talk about it today!
  • Would you consider holding an event for the Whole Lotta Life Foundation?  Have some fun and raise awareness! 

  • This could be a Quiz or Ball, a yoga or fitness class , or some other fabulous idea to raise awareness and funds for Whole Lotta Life.