Everyone in this age group (20-45yrs) diagnosed with cancer has a whole lot more living to do whether life provides the chance or not. We don't believe that cancer is a battle that you "win" or "lose", there is no fighting, or war, or journey and everyone, once diagnosed is surviving, and bears the title 'survivor' no remissions necessary!

This webpage is a place to come and find advice, inspiration, survivor stories, and the motivation to live your life well.

We aren't here to outline a life saving scheme that if you follow to the detail, will save you, and if you don't, you fail. We will never tell you "to just be positive".

You are all beautiful, strong, and courageous just the way you are!

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude
— Denis Waitley

Our Board Of Trustees


Lauren Palliser - Board Chairman

Lauren is a mother of three young children and works part time as an administrator for a local charity. She has a wealth of experience in administrative roles in NZ, Australia and the U.K. She has been passionate about working in the non-profit sector since starting volunteer work as a teenager.   When not wrangling children, she can often be found with her nose is a good book.


Lee-Anne Weenink - Secretary


MARK CUMMING - Treasurer

Mark Cumming is the Director of Your Back Office, a virtual CFO and accounts management firm that helps small- and medium-businesses get their paperwork under control and reach their financial goals.