Something to get out of bed for

I recently heard this quippy, catchy little phrase; all you need to be happy is 3 things:

  1.  Something to love
  2.  Something to look forward to and
  3.  Something to get out of bed for (purpose).

It resonated with me, and as I reflected on this moment in time, I realized I can tick all three boxes. After feeling aimless and a victim of circumstances with little control over the last few years, this realization had such a soothing affect; like a breath of fresh air.

Despite not having turned one yet its been a great year so far. I’ve not moved out of the woods to somewhere a little less expansive and daunting yet, and experienced highs and lows up the wazoo, but it's OK. I've been incredibly lucky with the opportunities and generosity people have shown me. Their support and love has been giving. I've also learned a lot about myself and my resilience.

All the opportunities and good luck in the world wouldn't touch the sides of someone who didn't want or need to appreciate the moments presented to them. What an empowering thought.

I thought I had figured out my purpose when I chose to pursue a career in counselling six years ago.

Boy was I wrong. I’ve promised myself the time and space this year to not only process what's happened, but time to heal and re-examine this purpose thing.

When you look death in the eye, there is a crystal clear clarity of priorities that emerges. The bullshit fades. The only thing that mattered if I had 12 hours left was making sure I spent that time with loved ones. I didn’t pine for a flash career or further study, I saw instead special occasions where I wouldn’t be there with my parents and brother and I couldn’t bear it! FOMO or what?

It broke my heart. My job is all about building and maintaining relationships, yet, it didn't feel quite right. It may still be something I return to, but not until I'm emotionally ready.

A few weeks ago, talking to a good friend about her charity, it struck like a thunder bolt; a different type of clarity. That will be my purpose.  Whole Lotta Life Foundation has been such a vital life line for me since coming across them. The relationships I've gained as a result are priceless, and the foundation has afforded me some amazing experiences.

I can help. I can give back, I will give back.

I've volunteered to join the board of this amazing charity, in what capacity I'm still unsure of but my first step is choosing to organise a fundraising quiz evening in Wellington in early June.  Exciting, scary, inspiring, rewarding, challenging; so many elements at play.

What makes you buzz?

Hannah x