A Whole Lotta Love

I wanted to write this blog to say "Thank You".

When Whole Lotta Life Foundation was suggested to me I couldn't wait to jump into it and become part of a group that knew what I was going through. And perhaps what my marriage was going through as well.

This "cancer hole" can be such a cruel place to be. And there are many times it can feel very lonely. It can often seem deep, dark and never ending. But being part of this family is truly a blessing. It is such a great place to connect with other humans that need to be listened to and heard, but most of all it's a soft place to fall for support. It's a space for those of us that have gone through the hell of a cancer diagnosis, to come together and be there for one another in ways that our loved ones perhaps can't be.


When I was told about Whole Lotta Life, I was in a head space of feeling like I can't seem to connect with my husband or loved ones about what I was actually going through. They didn't understand the little things. My diagnosis was cervical cancer, so they didn't get not being able to be as active as I once was, and loved being for that matter, would mean that my life in many ways would come to a stand still. It was like, "well what's the big deal if you have your life?". And I agree with them to a certain extent. But they seemed to forget that I didn't ask for this. It wasn't as though I was laying around eating cake for every meal for the last year! Oh how I wish it was that easy!

But instead, hearing those three words, and I don't mean "I love you"...YOU HAVE CANCER, rock your world in ways you could never imagine. You aren't thinking... holy shit everything I know of my life right now in this moment, is now going to flip upside down and land on its head. You find yourself thinking, "How do I tell my loved ones? What does this mean, like really mean? Should I be writing a bucket list? Updating my will? Fly home to be closer to family? Will I loose my hair? Will this hurt? ", and on and on and on. Your mind is flooded with the what if's and your nights start to become sleepless. Your days seem to become longer, and you are absolutely overcome with this thing called Cancer.


As your journey continues, things change, become better and sometimes even worse. The waiting game seems never ending, and answers can often seem hard to come by. You find yourself asking question after question to whomever will listen in your health care team. And while they do their best to offer support and knowledge, most have never actually experienced this, so can only go based off what they have researched and learned through trial and error. So when a place like Whole Lotta Life Foundation is mentioned to you, you feel your heart beat a bit quicker, with what you can only imagine is a glimpse of excitement because maybe, just maybe someone else out there knows exactly how you feel and what you are going through.

This place has been one that we can all be open, potty mouthed and ourselves. We are understood, heard and listened to. When we ask questions, we aren't waiting for what seems like eternity for answers. We can ask the biggest and most private of things or the smallest of things that to most of us equal to a pretty big deal. We have made life long friendships,many of which who have never even met face to face... and the best part... there is no judgement. Whole Lotta Life is the one place that feels safe to be who we are judgement free, surrounded by many times a blind love, and the support is beyond belief.


So I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Whole Lotta Life Foundation for creating a place that is based on trust and real life. Speaking for myself, it has been such a blessing to have open arms from a community of truly like minded people that genuinely want the best for one another.

Thank You for allowing us to connect in our times of need and being a saving grace on this incredibly challenging journey. No matter what happens in our individual travels, we know we are a team and will have one another's back. And I for one can honestly say, that sometimes this is all we need.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!


Shannon Parsons xxx