A little thing called surviving

I know you think you can’t do IT, but I’m here to tell you, you actually can!
It’s called waking up each morning - you are upright and breathing! Whoop whoop.

It’s called taking that first step of the day
It’s called ringing that someone who’s there when you need an ear - if you can’t name that person to unload to stop and think for a moment - none of us are 100% alone - there is always a someone - even if it’s not a friend or family member it could just be someone in the end of that 0800 number.

It’s called doing what you have to do just to survive- you don’t have to run a marathon or cook that meal- or go to work today. Sometimes it’s enough just to BE.

It’s the little things you do each and everyday - those are the things that show you, you can do it - You are doing it ! 

And what is IT? 

It’s Living
It’s living one day at a time
It’s putting one foot in front of the other,
It’s called a PJ day,
It’s called a do nothing day, 
It’s called working or not working
It’s called Life and you are so blessed to have it 

I agree it may not feel like it at times, it may feel like it’s not worth the “fight” (I actually hate that phrase) 
The light at the end of the diagnoses, treatment and post treatment tunnel can feel like it’s just out of reach and it can feel overwhelming and it can feel never ending.

But to your friends and family you are worth it, you are special and you are so loved! 

So keep you head up
Keep your shoulders back
Keep talking
Keep feeling
Keep on keeping on
Love & Light

Written by,

Donna MacMillan
Stage 4 - terminal