I really want to update you all on the last 6 months and then ask you to come with me and explore my vision for next 6 months.

With only 3 short weeks to prepare, on 10 February this year I traveled to Wellington for a prophylactic double mastectomy and the vision I had for Whole Lotta Life in 2015 had to take a back seat.  

The surgery was successful and I recovered slowly at home but the very next month my husband's work situation changed dramatically and I had to jump into a full-time position at work. Again, my vision for what I could achieve for Whole Lotta Life needed to be adjusted.

About the same time I started working full-time, I was dealt the most discouraging blow.  I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition which will be limiting me physically and affecting my health for the rest of my life.

BUT - there's a silver lining!  (There's always a silver lining)

It means that I've really had to take time out to think about the Foundation, how it is structured, and how we can make it bigger and stronger coming out the other side of a rocky 6 months!

Before we look at the vision for the rest of the year (and I explain where you come in!) I want to show you what we have managed to pull off this year.  

  • I have traveled to both Dunedin and Christchurch to run workshops for our members.  We've looked at mindfulness, journaling and art therapy.
  • We have helped a mother with advanced breast cancer purchase supplies to put together photo albums for her children to cherish.
  • We helped a young student who couldn't afford to buy groceries after having major surgery to remove a melanoma
  • We have sent a care package of 'clean living supplies' to a young woman who's leukaemia relapsed.
  • And one of my favourite projects - we organised a glamorous weekend away for one of our members just before she had to go into isolation in hospital for a bone marrow transplant.

So our outgoing costs were still pretty high and our good work has continued behind the scenes and despite a flailing facebook page!

That said, the amount of donations we received from February to now came to a grand total of $305.  Yikes!!

So Where To From Here?

I need to ask for your help.  

I have created a list of rolls that need filling in the organisation to keep it running smoothly and to ensure that if one of us gets sick/goes on holiday/loses their shoe, the foundation will continue to flourish and be held up by the remaining team members.

Right now Whole Lotta Life is a two man band.  Tania Dickson and I are both board members and I have been running the day to day operations.

We really need some more hands on deck! Could this be YOU??  

  • 2x Additional Board Members - Board members govern the direction of the foundation and they help to bring in funding  (think - building relationships with sponsors and filling out grant applications).
  • We need a Social Media Rock Star who can take care of our social media channels, posting great content and keeping our community up to date on what we're up to.
  • We need a Super Spectacular Writer who can put up content on the blog and source submissions for the blog from other young survivors.  There are so many amazing stories to tell and we want to get them out there!

And what's in our future?

I have two main goals for the rest of this year:

  • To hold Whole Lotta Life's 2nd ever Retreat Yourself Weekend. This was a huge success last year!  But we need to raise around $6000
  • Run our 28 Days 4 Life challenge, a fun 28 days of healthy living, mind body and soul!! 

So what do you say?  Can you help us achieve these goals!? 

Kristin PatersonComment