She Did It!!!

This morning at 9.30am Suzette started the process of shaving her head.  She had a two part mission:  

  1.  To cut her beautiful long hair off so it could be made into a wig for a woman who has lost her hair due to cancer treatment and
  2.  To raise awareness and over $1000 in funds for the Whole Lotta Life Foundation.

And she successfully achieved both of these goals today!  Suzette has raised well over her goal of a thousand dollars and will come it at final tally much closer to double that amount.

Suzette shared openly and honestly about the fact that she was scared and that she didn't know how people (like the children at her pre-school!) would react.  By choice or not, losing your hair is not easy but Suzette was determined to this. 

Look through the slideshow of images as Suzette takes her locks off and see the kids reactions.

We are so grateful to you Suzette, you have put in a massive effort for the Foundation!!