The One Size Fits All Cure

Are you munching on apricot kernels, drinking Noni juice by the bucket load, pureeing asparagus for breakfast, injecting mistletoe and Vitamin C intravenously and unsure about where to turn next!?

The internet is rife with "how to cure cancer", (always the one way no doctor will tell you about). 


Let me let you in on a little something I've learned since receiving my cancer diagnosis. 

There is NO one size fits all cure for cancer

And if someone is trying to sell you one, that should be your first indication that something's not right.  

There are a lot of theories out there about many various substances or diets having a positive effect on killing cancer cells, and the truth is, some of them have worked. Sometimes.  But there is no single thing that works every time for every person.  

I came across a very sad example of this recently.  There is an incredible young Australian woman who has set up a business and blog called 'The Wellness Warrior'.  After being given a terminal diagnosis at 22 years old, she completely transformed her diet and habits on the Gerson Program with remarkable results.  5 years later she is in remission and telling her story and spreading hope.

I believe she has an incredible story tell and I'm so pleased that she has chosen to take on the challenges of becoming a public figure so that others can benefit and grow from her experiences. 

But here's where the story takes a sad twist and reminds us of how cruel and random cancer can be.  Soon after her diagnosis, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She chose to take on her cancer by the same means that her daughter did, using the Gerson Program but unfortunately she did not have the same success and passed away earlier this year.

I do not share this story to pass any criticism on this family's choices, but merely to illustrate that if there was a one size fits all cure for cancer, we would all know about it and we would all be using it!  A lot of well meaning people will share with you the latest viral 'cure' that went around on facebook, or their how their Aunt's friend's nephew was completely cured by smoking marijuana and drinking wheatgrass juice and how you need to give up that poison chemotherapy and get on to that regime. 

The truth is, you need to do your research and then do what works best for you.  I chose to have chemotherapy because for Hodgkins Lymphoma it has an 85% chance of working.  A dear friend with metastatic melanoma chose not to try chemotherapy because it has a 5% chance of working.  For both of us, these choices made sense to us.  Many people I know have chosen to harness the power of everything available to them.  It's a personal choice and as long as you have asked questions and seen the data supporting the efficacy of the treatment you have chosen, then you can feel confident in the choices you have made.  

Keep asking questions, keep reaching out for support and stay confident in your convictions.  Do not be afraid to change your mind, if that is what your body is telling you.  Do not hand your power over to anyone else.  

We are all human, but we are not all the same when it comes to healing.